Nephew Hunter

Baby’s Home! What Now?

Your amazing little person is home! What now?

It can be both scary and amazing!  You may not have the luxury of having your parents around to help and give advice. Visitors may want to come around to meet your new family member.

  1. Avoid visitors who are sick especially those who are not immunized
  2. Your newborn should be feeding 8 times or more times in 24 hours.  What to do if your breast become too engorged to latch properly and you have to hand express to supplement baby with your milk  Engorgement and Hand Expressing
  3. Keeping track of your baby’s output is a good indication of how well baby is feeding Breastfeeding and Output chart
  4. Newborns are nocturnal and like to feed at night so mom will need to rest in the day when baby is sleeping Latching your baby
  5. Go to your follow-up appointments with Public Health, your Midwife or Doctor Post Partum care and follow up


I hope this helps to give you some easy tips to start with.  Savour the moment, take photos and video, keep cards in a box to look at in 30 years. You’ll be glad you did.

If you have any concners, dial 811 for the Nurse’s Hotline.