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Breastfeeding Can Play a Important Role in Emergency Preparedness.

You may have heard of Hurricane Katrina or the Fort McMurray Wildfire that left many people stranded wondering where they would get clean water, food and fuel.  The local news has us increasingly aware of the threats from earthquakes, tsunamis,  fires and accidents that can all lead to gridlock on the highways for hours if not days.  Many of us have our Emergency kits at home with first aid supplies, a few bottles of water and some Granola bars, but what about milk for the baby?  In times of crisis Breastfeeding can play a vital role in a baby acquiring safe nutrition.  I will always recall the story of Katie Kim back in 2006 where her family took a wrong turn on holidays.  They were stranded up in a snow topped mountain for 9 days.  Sadly, Kati’s husband did not survive, but Katie and her two children amazingly did.  She told her harrowing story of how she not only breastfed her baby, but also her older child  when they ran out of food.  This story is a strong reminder that Breastfeeding can play a vital role for survival in Emergency situations.  Click here to read Katie Katie’s story of Breastfeeding and Survival