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Breastfeeding may not always go as planned, but being well informed about breastfeeding will help get you off to the best start.

Having a prenatal or postpartum breastfeeding consultation with an International Board Certified Lactation consultant can help parents make informed decisions when breastfeeding their baby may not initially be possible due to unforeseen medical reasons.

In 2006, I completed the Douglas College Breastfeeding Counsellor course along with my Bachelor of Science in nursing from VIU and followed with my Perinatal nursing specialty from BCIT. During my career as a Registered nurse I was fortunate to have worked with some great mentors, mothers and most importantly babies.

Helping mothers with breastfeeding just seemed like a natural gravitation for me. I was often found guilty of spending most of my shift helping mothers who were experiencing breastfeeding difficulties. Having worked in a busy acute care setting, I learned the importance of supporting the breastfeeding mother and baby dyad as well as preventing complications that can arise when a baby may not be breastfeeding well. I am familiar with the collaboration required amongst other health care professionals when it comes to ensuring the best plan of care for mother and baby.

In 2009, I wrote my International Board Certified Lactation exam and have been a IBCLC since.

I am also the mother of five children who has overcome breastfeeding challenges.

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