“Had a private prenatal class with Diane, as we could not make it to any pre-scheduled classes. Diane came to our house, was very prepared with a full PowerPoint presentation and many hands-on demos. She was very knowledgeable, kind and non-judgemental about our birth plan and was able to give specific information relating to the choices we are planning on making for our new baby. She made us feel very comfortable throughout the session and her instruction was very clear and informative. I would definitely recommend her classes or private instruction to any expectant mother.”
~ Caitly M

My services include private consulting in your home and hospital visits from north of Nanaimo to south of Chemainus.

Near term infant


Private Prenatal Breastfeeding Consulting

(Up to 90 minute home visit)

  • Obtain a medical history background with the mother
  • Discuss what to expect with breast changes during pregnancy and after birth
  • Address any concerns mother may have about breastfeeding a term, preterm and/or feeding twins
  • Assessment of Breast anatomy
  • How to support breastfeeding when baby comes early
  • What to expect after birth if mother or baby has a medical condition
  • What to expect in the first hour after birth
  • The importance of early often and effective breastfeeding and how this can reduce neonatal hypoglycemia as well as physiological jaundice
  • Demonstrations of different breastfeeding positions and positioning of baby for breastfeeding
  • What to look for in a good latch

Private Postpartum Breastfeeding Consulting

(Up to 90 minutes in home or hospital visit)

  • Discussion of mother’s goals for feeding baby and her definition of successful breastfeeding
  • Assessment of baby’s oral anatomy along with mother’s breast anatomy
  • Demonstration of different positions to obtain the best latch while suiting the mother’s comfort needs after delivery
  • Assessment of baby breastfeeding
  • Development of a feeding plan with mother to support the health and well being of mother and baby breastfeeding dyad
  • Weighing of baby if necessary
  • Consultation with other health care providers with mother’s consent if needed
  • Signs to recognize that your baby has a good latch and prevention of nipple damage
  • What you can do when a baby may not be breastfeeding well
  • Reducing the severity of engorgement and prevention of Mastitis
  • Protecting your milk supply
  • Teaching effective hand expression

Private Follow up of Postpartum Breastfeeding Consult

(Up to 90 minutes in home or hospital visit)

  • Getting a good latch when experiencing engorgement
  • Prevention and/or treatment of nipple damage
  • Prevention of Mastitis
  • Protecting your milk supply
  • Assessment of baby’s latch, effectiveness of feeding and weight gain
  • Re-evaluation of breastfeeding plan with mother to ensure it is in meeting with her breastfeeding goals
  • Consultation with other health care providers with mother’s consent if needed

Prenatal Childbearing Classes – Labour & Delivery

Group Prenatal Childbearing Classes to help prepare you in making informed choices during Labour, Birth and the Post Partum period.

This one-day condensed class will cover the different stages of labour, role of your support person, coping strategies, demonstrations with the birthing ball, pain medication options, medical interventions, navigating the Perinatal unit, hands on demonstrations with positioning baby for breastfeeding and what to expect in those first few days.

Prenatal Classes – Understanding your Newborn

This class will help you prepare for those first weeks at home. Learn to understand your baby’s cues, health and safety tips along with the importance of self care.

Animated Power Point Presentation along with hands on learning. This class follows the current recommendations from the American and Canadian Paediatric societies.