Why Use an IBCLC?

Premature babyThere are many breastfeeding videos that show you a content baby latching itself with a feeding routine and a mother with a well established milk supply who is smiling.

What they do not tell you is the baby in the video was born term and is probably a few weeks old.

Breastfeeding may be natural, but it is not always easy. There are a few important things to know about latching your baby in the first few hours and the first few days that can help reduce some common breastfeeding problems that can arise.

Some babies may be unable to breastfeed in the first few days due to medical reasons and learning how to express your colostrum will be important to establishing a milk supply and nutrition for when your baby is ready to breastfeed.

Having a Lactation Consultant assess any potential breastfeeding issues prenatally can greatly reduce the need for unnecessary supplementation in the early post-partum period. If a baby does need supplementation in the early post-partum period for medical reasons, there are ways this can be done that still supports breastfeeding.